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  2010-11-21 - Live videos
Work has been restarted on the infamous second album.

Here are some new (old) videos:

  2008-01-05 - new song up
We've put a new song up on our myspace page. It's called "Not Sure Now". Someday it might have an album to call home. If you've been to our live show, you've probably heard it. Check it out now: http://myspace.com/likeknives

  2007-06-15 - Does anyone come here?
I'm not sure if anyone even comes here anymore...

There's still a half-done Like Knives album sitting around my hard drive, just waiting for some love. Anyone want to finish it for us?

  2006-12-22 - A much needed update
A recent egomaniacal google search for Like Knives turned up a few reviews that I thought I should share with ya'll.




  2006-07-14 - Miami, here I come!
Thanks to all who have lent us your ears over the last couple of years. This is not goodbye.
Aaron is relocating to Miami to engage in recreational studies (and maybe some real work, too). This means far fewer Like Knives shows in the future. Our great performance at the Midwest Pop Fest was our last for a while. Keep an eye on this page though for possible future events.

We'll still be working on a new CD for release sometime in the future. More news on that as it becomes available.